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Who am I?

Alfonso Blanco Fernandez

I am a growing marketer, highly involved in shaping a strategy, trying new experiments, and failing fast to quickly zero in on what works.

I am a curious, hungry, nimble T-Shaped marketer focused on creating added value for companies and providing solutions.

Alfonso Blanco Fernandez

I am known for my proactive and bold attitude, not always going the easiest way, and being passionate about everything I do.

My great passions: Marketing, Sports and Traveling.

Out of all the years of my swimming career, I learned many things that I believe are important in the business world: self-discipline along with a never quit mindset, how to cope with setbacks, teamwork and team spirit, leadership and how to be a follower, learning from success and failure.

Going abroad, I have had the opportunity to get to know lots of people with different backgrounds and cultures. Being in an international atmosphere brings you an open-minded approach, and it is when you find out how diversity enriches you as a person.

My career

What Have I Done?

At an early stage, I wondered how to do for people to prefer one given thing to another and how an idea turned into a product.

In 2014, I started a bachelor’s degree in Marketing & Market Research at Seville University. Over the following years, I met a lot of people, was in so many working groups and lived unique experiences; both positive and negative ones.

Before starting my third year, I went off on summer vacation to Bristol – United Kingdom, which was the first time I traveled internationally alone and where I learned much more than English. Later on, I started helping the company in its office in Seville with leads generation, consulting and marketing activations.

Further on, in the last summer before graduation, I got the incredible opportunity to work in a consulting group in Cologne – Germany, where I learned how a B2B marketing firm works and, especially, I figured out who I am.

Life is a constant challenge, Go For It!

After four years of outperformance and having submitted the Final Project, I graduated from Seville University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing & Market Research with a major in Marketing & Commercial Management.

On finishing my degree, I got the opportunity to take the new project of EF Education First, which had recently bought a pro cycling team. The Head of Marketing & Sales, from Zurich, contacted to offer me the marketing management of La Vuelta a España 2018. Although the project required senior expertise, I dared to accept it as a Junior Project Manager; it was more than enough of a reason to go for it.

Delighted by the experience, I did an Expert in Sports Marketing during 2019 and, in the same year, I led La Vuelta a España 2019 for EF Education First, juggling multiple responsibilities once again.

Later, I decided to pursue a master’s degree to get an international business approach out of the marketing department. Thus, in 2020, I graduated from Seville University with a Master of Science degree in International Business & Strategic Management.

Come to the end of the master’s degree, I thought it was the time to reinvent myself as a marketer, in such a manner that I graduated from the Seville Chamber of Commerce Business School  with a master’s degree in Social Media and Digital Marketing.

In the mid of the masters I was called by the Chamber of Commerce of Seville to take part into a new project. This was about the digitalization of companies in the city of Seville.

My great passions 

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Alfonso Blanco Fernandez

I am also a MTB rider.

Sharing is caring! Limits are in our own fears.

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Alfonso Blanco Fernandez

Swimmer since I was two years old!

In love with the Pyrénées Atlantiques (Pau, France).

Alfonso Blanco Fernandez

A traveler always willing to know other cultures.

Alfonso Blanco Fernández

More than 20 years. Competition is a lifestyle..