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Alfonso Blanco Fernandez

I am a growing consultant, highly involved in shaping a strategy, trying new experiments, and failing fast to quickly zero in on what works.

I am a curious, hungry, nimble T-Shaped consultant focused on creating added value for companies and providing solutions.

Alfonso Blanco Fernandez

I am known for my proactive and bold attitude, not always going the easiest way, and being passionate about everything I do.

My great passions: Marketing, Sports and Traveling.

Out of all the years of my swimming career, I learned many things that I believe are important in the business world: self-discipline along with a never quit mindset, how to cope with setbacks, teamwork and team spirit, leadership and how to be a follower, learning from success and failure.

Going abroad, I have had the opportunity to get to know lots of people with different backgrounds and cultures. Being in an international atmosphere brings you an open-minded approach, and it is when you find out how diversity enriches you as a person.

My great passions 

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Alfonso Blanco Fernandez

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Alfonso Blanco Fernandez
Alfonso Blanco Fernandez
Alfonso Blanco Fernández