MTAC GmbH - Cologne, Germany


MTAC GmbH – a BTS Company

Ritterstraße 12, 50668 Cologne, Germany

MTAC GmbH, founded in 1995 and based in Cologne, Germany, is a consultancy group focused on serving some of the largest organizations in the German-speaking part of Europe with innovative training, performance support solutions and simulation based services for strategy execution, business acumen, leadership and marketing. MTAC GmbH was acquired in 2018 by BTS Group, a leading global strategy implementation firm.

During my tenure in Cologne, I learned about the culture and developed the confidence to deal more efficiently with new experiences and enjoy everything that Germany had to offer. Even without speaking German, I met a lot of interesting people, some of whom are really close friends of mine.

For the first few days at the Cologne office, I learned more about the MTAC’s training and customers’ portfolio, and then, I provided support to other consultants as needed. Meanwhile, once assigned to the Bayer AG project, I was coming and going between Cologne and Monheim am Rhein, where are the Bayer CropScience Corporate Headquarters located, to have briefing sessions in the early morning and go deep into the project.

SkillCamp - Bayer CrospScience

“A common mindset for Commercial Excellence”

Monheim am Rhein

Alfred-Nobel-Straße 50, 40789 Monheim am Rhein, Germany

Sales & Operation Planning

Planning, set-up and management of the project “Content and Design of the Learning Area Bayer Supply Chain”, including participation in negotiation and feedback sessions with the client.

Campaign Management

Conceptualization and management of content areas in Bayer’s global platform for internal learning purposes.


General support in creating and managing learning materials in Bayer’s global data base for internal learning purposes through AskDelphi Software.