Changemakers 2021

Alfonso Blanco-Fernández

What is really like to be a Changemaker?

In essence, being a Changemaker 2021 is not just being Social Media and Digital Marketing specialists, it is much more than that. Being a Changemaker 2021 is an attitude you adopt when you go from being a mere watcher to being a maker; it is the life philosophy based on sharing, on causing things to happen and on the pursuit of continuous personal growth; it means being proactive, expose yourself to others, and get out of your comfort zone to learn how to develop dynamic capabilities in order to accustom to Change. It is about being the one who provides solutions when difficult times come.

My name is Alfonso Blanco FernándezDigital Marketing and Social Media specialist but also, a Changemaker.


Protagonista del Cambio 2021 - Alfonso Blanco

The Digital Marketing All-Rounder.

Alfonso Blanco Fernández, ambitious and highly competitive. From the most versatile and all-rounder digital marketers, with great leadership skills and a fervent team spirit. A key member of any team. A true “Protagonista del Cambio 2021”.

Why become a Changemaker?

Being a Changemaker in 2021 means more than just a master’s degree in Social Media and Digital Marketing from the Business School of the Chamber of Commerce of Seville. It is not about knowing how to pass a few ECTS credits to get a further degree or doing an internship, nor about knowing how to work in groups, do projects or learn 10 different books by heart. Being a Changemaker is something else.

We currently live in a society where titles are no longer what they used to be, companies are looking for young people with different experiences, and competition is global due to the disappearance of barriers between countries. Masters done, speaking languages or knowing how to carry out an organizational strategy are things taken for granted.

Today’s companies are too preoccupied with the upcoming problems of being operating in a constantly changing environment… volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous, what is known as a VUCA environment; environment for which no one gets ready you in kindergartens, High Schools, not even in most universities at all. But, do you know what? it will remain like this, and if you do not worry about getting ready and you keep doing the same things you do, with the same mentality as years ago, promise you will get stuck.

Changemakers 2021

Digital Marketing and Social Media

Alfonso Blanco-Fernández (the last one in the mid of the pic)

Do you see the group of people in the pic on the left? They are Changemakers, Social Media and Digital Marketing specialists. All of them with different profiles, different objectives, personal situations, preferences and worries, but there is something in common that is above all else, that makes them all a great community: THEY ALWAYS SEEK MORE.

Twenty two fighters with massive potential, able to find a competitive advantage where others just see a problem. Strong-willed people who don’t just see how Change comes, but they dare to be the Change itself. People seeking to grow every day, without being afraid of what it comes, because whatever it has to come for, THEY ARE READY.

A Community

Digital Specialists

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